The SEX Show

March 12 through May 16
Reception Saturday, March 14
6:30 to 9:30 pm

Art by Charles H. Trapolin

As a gay man who has always been drawn to the spiritual side of life, I have had to deal with being rejected by the Catholic church and having darkness and evil projected onto my sexuality by “men of God”. This show comprises sculptures, paintings and installations, most of which have never been shown.

I have used my art to process and transform the projected energy and re-connect my sexuality with my spirituality.

I swam in the sea of flesh and never found the Devil.

Self Portrait with Flaming Lingum and Yoni

The New Spiritualists
Group Show

I am looking for artists, performers, Tarot readers, spiritualists, etc. to participate in a group show focused on the spiritual and sacred. This show is open to all media and other forms of spiritual expression. I am hoping to include workshops and other gatherings as part of the show.
The show is from June 11th through August 1st. All work must be for sale.
If interested, please email me.

I am also open to proposals for using the gallery!

Show Schedule *

The SEX Show
March 12 through May 16

The New Spiritualists  
Group Show
June 11 through August 1

and the Spirit Realm

September 10th through October 31


Wednesday 12 to 6 pm
Thursday through Saturday from 12 to 7pm
and when the artist is in


436 S. Main St. Los Angeles CA 90013

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