While I have had a short but good run with my gallery in DTLA, I have had to close it due to the Covid-19 pandemic. It was impossible for me to sustain without being open for business.

Thank you to all those who came to the gallery, purchased my work and supported me in this endeavor. I am truly grateful.

The SEX Show

This show was mounted and I was about to open it right when LA shut down. I am very proud of the work I did and will share some of it over time.

Art by Charles H. Trapolin

As a gay man who has always been drawn to the spiritual side of life, I have had to deal with being rejected by the Catholic church and having darkness and evil projected onto my sexuality by “men of God”. This show comprises sculptures, paintings and installations, most of which have never been shown.

I have used my art to process and transform the projected energy and re-connect my sexuality with my spirituality.

I swam in the sea of flesh and never found the Devil.

Self Portrait with Flaming Lingum and Yoni

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