Ever Unfolding Thought Form is an animated mind-mapping artwork that will be an on-going project.

Ever Unfolding Thought Form is a three-dimensional mind-mapping sculpture created by utilizing computer programs to render the thought associations of the artist. I have been creating two-dimensional mind-maps for years and have over the past year been conceptualizing how to create a three-dimensional map. The piece would include an index of the words used in the map and their associations.

This index would be searchable by a viewer allowing them to navigate and explore the sculpture. This could be done either through an online version or through a Virtual Reality program.  My original concept was for the map to be animated but I could also see the map as being projected in its completed form which would grow over time.

Image 1: Display in Gallery or Museum – Large display is a holographic projection of the artist’s mind mapping sculpture. iPads are located in front of the display and allow navigation through the sculpture on the iPad and for the viewer to create their own mind-map.

Image 2: iPad in front of Holographic Sculpture will display the sculpture. The words will be indexed and searchable allowing the viewer to navigate through the mind-map sculpture.

Image 3: The viewer will also be able to create their own mind-map. The new mind-maps information will be compiled and correlated with the EUTF information creating a larger data base.

Image 4: Example of viewer creating mind-map. This mind-map would be two dimensional with the information being indexed and correlated with the EUTF creating a larger database of thought associations.

I envision this piece as an ongoing project which I could work on for many years. Also, as viewers interact with the piece, the thought associations beyond my individual thoughts would continue to grow the piece and the data set that is collected. This data could be used to further explore the shared thoughts of individuals. While the saying is, “Great minds think alike”, I think a more accurate statement would be “Minds think alike”

Display – My original idea was to holographically project the mind-map sculpture so that the viewer could walk around the sculpture and view the mind-map from different angles. As I have continued to develop the piece, I can see the sculpture living on-line as well as a Virtual Reality version of it. The version I am presenting is of a flat screen that the holographic mind-map would be projected on.

Global Mind vs Personal Mind – In creating various mind-maps, I started to realize that some of the mental associations are created by social upbringing that are related to various factors (gender, age, sexual identity, etc.). I consider these shared associations, the Global Mind. For example, a person in the United States may associate red with apple, while a person in India may associate red with Bindi. Along with these shared associations, are the personal associations that are specific to the persons experience. In having, people participate in the project by creating their own mind-maps, the data collected could elucidate the Global versus Personal Mind.

Do thoughts live 3-dimensionally in space?

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