“As an ordinary human being, walk one mile
and with each step recognize you are walking on Holy Ground.”

I performed this task daily from January 1st through the 31st, 1998 at 12 noon. It was performed in San Francisco on the same stretch of Market Street (from Sutter Street to the United Nations Plaza). 

While this task may seem extra-ordinary, I am not interested in performing acts that are limited to only a few specialists. The task is open enough so that it can be performed at any time and in any place. This open structure is an invitation to other people to use this task as part of their own experimentation in being. 

I documented this process with 219 photographs and a journal. The photographs are documents of the external experience and the journal is a document of the internal experience. The photographs include daily documentation of three moments in the journey: the view from the starting point towards the destination, the first step, and the destination. There are also additional photographs taken during the process. The journal was written daily as I waited to begin the journey and upon arrival at the fountain at the United Nations Plaza. 

In compiling the information, I made the choice to not edit either the text or photographs. I did not want to sanitize the project in terms of content, grammar, image quality, etc. In respect to the spirit of the project this seems to be the only choice I could make. 

I compiled the documentation in a CD-ROM format. While I set a regimented path for my own process, I have not made any set path to follow in the CD. The various sections offer different options so that the viewer can move through the material in their own way.

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