Spacial Tuning Chamber

Proprioceptor is a 360 degree immersive sound environment.

Proprioception is the medical term that describes the ability to sense the orientation of your body in your environment.

The participant steps into an 10’ pitch black globe which acts as the chamber.
The chamber contains 418 speakers. Using sound, the environment creates a series of 3 dimensional experiences to sharpen the participants proprioception. The soundscape will also be used for healing and energetic alignment.

These soundscapes will have variable lengths and dimensions of spacial exploration.
The chamber and programming will be made available to other sound artists and musicians to create immersive sound pieces.

There are 32 vertical pieces that form the chamber

There are 13 horizontal pieces that form the chamber

At each horizontal and vertical intersection is a speaker
(416) + 2 (1 top and 1 bottom) = 418 speakers

The sound chamber is housed in a 10′ sound-proof cube with a door to enter cube
The inner chamber opens accordion style
The participant steps into the chamber on an elevated structure
The chamber and door are closed and Proprioceptor plays


Proprioceptor came to me as a somewhat fully formed vision. I was doing two different meditations that had sound as either the focus or part of the focus.

The first was a closed-eye meditation. I would start focusing on what I was hearing. Then I would try and move past labeling the sounds and moved past focusing on individual sounds. The final experience was that individual sounds melded into a sound field that moved all around me.

The other was a walking meditation where I would imagine that I wasn’t moving but the world was moving past me. Like being on a tread mill. As I was doing this I again noticed this sound field.

Finally, I was chanting and I felt that I was in this 3 dimensional mandala of sound that was evolving. And I had a clear image of the Proprioceptor device and how it would work.

These are experiences that are a bit hard to describe. And how art comes into being is a mysterious thing.

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