Performed at the Oakland Museum
June 5th, 1999 – Oakland CA

One of the main functions of art is the engagement of awareness. This engagement occurs within the artist during the creation of the work and when an artwork succeeds this engagement occurs within the viewer. It is in those moments when the viewer is engaged and a new awareness, an expanded view is brought forward that art fulfills its function. The direction of this awareness is determined by the focus of the artist and the perspective of the viewer.

My current focus is an engagement with the phenomenal world and my work consists of mapping phenomena. These maps may include: the shifting of shadows; paths of bugs, birds, planes, etc.; patterns of sound; and body sensations. My work is about being in relationship with the world and is a practice of being present. My intention is to engage the viewer in this question of presence. 

The action took place in the northeastern alcove of the Oakland Museum gardens. On Saturday June 5th from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. using chalk and charcoal I mapped the various phenomena (including the people who entered the alcove) on the concrete wall and floor of the alcove. The mapping included: the shifting of shadows; the paths of bugs, birds, people, planes, etc; patterns of sound; and body sensations. During this time I was primarily focused on paying attention to what was happening but was also available for questions.

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