Interdimensional Art

Oracle is a 24 hour shamanic ceremony and sculptural installation utilizing sound healing and live streaming to reframe art and social media as healing modalities.
Oracle consists of an artist spending 24 hours in an 8-foot cube making contact in the Spirit realm with healing Spirits and allowing them to use him as the medium. This may be through singing, chanting, drumming, rattling or drawing/painting on the interior of the chamber.
The cube will include small microphones which will transmit audio of the artist’s journey via a live-streaming link to the internet and to a recording device. Upon completion of the 24 hours a speaker will be placed in the Oracle chamber and play the recorded journey.

The current state of the world ecologically, socially, and politically can make me feel overwhelmed and filled with despair. In challenging times we may feel that our actions and intentions do not matter. I believe that it is in times like these, that our actions are needed. Our work to make this world better for all of us is not only valuable, but necessary.

Phase 1<br>Leaving the World and Being Purified
Phase 1
Leaving the World and Being Purified

Remove everyday clothes.
Wrap self in white linen.
Circumambulate purification pool repeating, “Make me an instrument of your peace.”
Enter purification pool. After purification exit pool towards Oracle.

Phase 2<br>Journey to Spirit Realm
Phase 2
Journey to Spirit Realm

Wrap self in large dark grey blanket. Enter Oracle Chamber.
Close door. Shroud is lowered. Water and lights in purification pool are turned off.
Allow Spirits to speak, chant and sing for 24 hours. Live stream audio via the internet.
Track journey with drawing on the interior walls of Chamber.

Phase 3<br>Return to the World
Phase 3
Return to the World

Water and lights in purification pool are turned back on.
Shroud is raised half-way. Door is opened.
Exit Oracle Chamber. Pass through Purification Pool. Put on everyday clothes.
Speaker is placed in Oracle Chamber and plays recorded journey.


As Above So Below

 Oracle is inspired in part by Joseph Beuys’, “Honey Pump at the Workplace” and his theory of social sculpture.

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